Tan-Through Bikini

Any swimsuit you wear, given you spend enough time in the sun, will leave tan lines.  In order to avoid these lines and also not get cited for public nudity, you should consider the tan-through bikini.  The tan-through bikini, as the name suggests, is a type of swimsuit that permits the penetration of the sun’s rays.  It’s made of specially engineered fabric that allow ultraviolet rays to shine through the fabric and onto your skin.  The result is that even though you’re wearing a bikini, at the end of the day you’ll have an even tan.  Since the bikini does nothing to block the rays of the sun, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to apply sunblock all over.  Just because you can get an even tan doesn’t mean you should also risk getting burned all over as well.   Slather on the sunscreen, and remember to do it often!

The idea of the tan-through bikini has been around for a few years but not many people have picked up on it yet.  So far, there are only a number of designs available so your particular style of bikini may not be available.  If you don’t like the designs available in the tan-through suits, you can always opt for good old fashioned skin exposure.  Unless you’re at a nude beach, you’re limited to covering up certain areas, but if you wear a thong bikini or micro bikini, you’re skin is going to receive just as much love from the sun as you would wearing a bikini of the tan-through variety.  When you wear a thong bikini, be careful where you sit!  Certain surfaces can leave impressions on your skin if you sit on it for a while and it’d be silly to have crosshatches from your lounge chair left on your butt.  Best to throw on short or a cover up before grabbing a seat, or better yet, just sit on a towel.