Swimsuit Styles

Since women’s swimwear was first developed, many swimsuit styles have comprised its history.  The first swimsuits were called bathing gowns and were actual dress-like garments that were to be worn while you bathed.  The style consisted of long-sleeves, a high collar and a full skirt with bloomers and stockings.  Doesn’t sound very comfortable but in those days, women were expected to stay covered up.  In the early 1900s the swimsuit styles evolved into sleeveless dresses with slightly lower necklines, but with stockings still.  Gradually this transformed into a one-piece with shorts instead of a skirt, and that eventually became similar to our present day one-piece bathing suit.  In 1946, swimsuits took a big leap when the bikini was introduced.  The two-piece was so scandalous with its midriff-baring design that the inventors couldn’t convince any model to wear it.  Luckily they found a nude dancer to sport it and it sent gasps throughout the fashion world.  After the initial shock wore away, women eventually began embracing the bikini and the freedom and sex appeal that came with it.  Ultimately, it became the next swimwear trend and many new bikini styles have been spawned since then.  The most common are the triangle tops, halter tops and strapless bandeau tops.  Most recently the one-shoulder style made its way into swimwear and those are now out at the beaches as well.  Bottom styles include the regular brief and the string tie.  Skimpier and more skin-exposing bottoms include the Brazilian and thong styles.  Swimsuits used to be fairly basic and straightforward, but now there are styles with embellishments like embroidery, beading, sequins, metal rings, crystal details and silky cords.  Whatever your personal style preference is, you’ll be able to find the bikini that suits you.