Sheer Coverup

A sheer coverup is a beautiful garment to wear to the beach.  Not only can you give yourself a break from the sun, but you can look super stylish while doing it.  There are many different coverup styles out there, but the sheer ones are much sexier.  Since they’re transparent, you’re still able to show off your figure underneath.  The look is just much more feminine than opaque styles.  A popular sheer coverup is the caftan.  This garment originated in the Mediterranean and is almost robe-like in its design.  It has long, billowing sleeves, is floor-length and cinched closed with a belt.  Variations of the caftan now exist with knee-length versions, shorter sleeves and perhaps a waist tie or drawstring.  You can always find them in beautiful colors and exquisite prints.  Throw that on over your bikini, slip on some sandals and you’re pretty much ready to rock some style at the beach.  Another coverup to consider is the sarong.  The original style is opaque but there are now sheer versions as well.  The sarong is basically a big sheet of fabric that’s wrapped around the waist and tied.  There are multiple ways you can tie the sarong, and while it’s most common to wear it tied around the waist, there are even ways to tie it up as a halter dress The end result with either way is an effortless and stylish look.  Along with sheer sarongs there are now knee-length and even shorter versions as well.  This coverup is also lightweight and usually flutters out behind you as you walk.  Since there isn’t much that goes into creating the sarong, they’re very affordable and come in as many colors, prints and patterns you can imagine.