Mesh Swimwear

Mesh swimwear is not for the coy!  These sheer suits can be extremely revealing so if you’re feeling shy and timid, best go for another style.  The mesh material these suits are made of are very thin and lightweight with moderate spacing in the weaving of the fine threads.  This is what gives mesh its transparent look.  And once wet, the material tends to become even more sheer.  Not all mesh swimwear is created equal though.  Solid colors are more transparent than prints, as are lighter colors like white or yellow.

The nature of the mesh material makes it very delicate.  It is especially easy to snag the fabric on a sharp edge, and with any swimsuit, take care in handling the suit and where you sit.  If you like to wear jewelry with your bathing suits, try to avoid necklaces, bracelets or rings that can get caught on the thin fabric.  Mesh can easily develop holes so it’s best to try to keep your swimsuit in one piece.  If you are the type who likes to accessories her swimsuit, opt for hats, sunglasses and beach bags.  Earrings, if you don’t mind possibly losing them, are also a safe option when wearing mesh swimwear.  Big floppy sun hats are a stylish option and help to shade you from the sun.  Many sunglasses now have embellished styles with jewels and sparkling decor on the temples.  Major designers now also create large and stylish beach bags and totes to reflect your style.  There are also hundreds of great sandal styles out there as well.  Wearing jewelry with mesh may not be a good idea, but there are plenty of other ways for you to dress up your suit.  It’s just a matter of knowing your options.