Transparent Bikini

Bikinis got a whole lot sexier by becoming transparent!  There’s a new trend gaining popularity of bikinis being made out of mesh fabric.  This thin and lightweight material is not only very breathable, but it’s also see-through!  These transparent bikinis leave very little to the imagination, especially when it gets wet.  Some colors are less transparent then others.  Black and other dark patterns and prints won’t be as sheer, but solid white will be very transparent.  Why a sheer bikini?  For a sexier look of course!  While bikinis are usually sold as sets, you can easily mix it up with a transparent top and an opaque bottom.  The world is your oyster!

If you like the sex appeal of the transparent bikini but aren’t sure if you’re ready, you can always show off about the same amount of skin by wearing a thong bikini.  These super skimpy bottoms have enough coverage in the front and the rest is all straps.  If you want even less coverage, there are g-string thong bikini bottoms are well.  In these bottoms, your private areas are still covered, but your cheeks will be happily exposed for the sun to tan and for all to see.  The matching tops to these thong bottoms are varied.  There are the usual triangle, halter or strapless bandeaus to choose from, and if you prefer, there are skimpier, micro styles of these tops are well.  These usually come are triangle tops and are designed with only tiny cups to cover just enough skin.  Since the coverage is minimal, don’t expect a lot of support.    Also keep in mind that you’ll have to be extra vigilant with your sunscreen applications while wearing these little bikinis.  Get sunburn on your butt will definitely put a damper on your beach time fun.